Inshallah the arrangements for Eid-ul-Fitr will be as follows:

Fajr Salaah: 4:30am

1st Eid Salaah: 5:30am
Bayaan in English: Shaykh Muhammad Saleem Nawab
Khutbah: Qari Irfan
Entrance: Upton Lane

2nd Eid Salaah: 7:15am
Bayaan in Urdu: Mufti Ridwanuddin
Khutbah: Qari Ilyas
Entrance: Chaucer Road

3rd Eid Salaah: 9:00am
Bayaan in English: Mufti Sajid
Khutbah: Mufti Sajid
Entrance: Upton Lane

Reminder: Sadaqat-ul-Fitr should be paid before praying your Eid salaah. The current rate is set at £2 per person.

All of the bayaans and khutbahs will be streamed live at