We are delighted to announce that the following scholars will be delivering bayaans and short talks at our masjid after Fajr, Asr and Taraweeh salaah throughout the blessed month of Ramadan.

1st – 5th: Moulana Yunus Dudhwala (English)
1st – 5th: Muft Zubair (English – After Taraweeh)
6th – 10th: Mufti Abdurrahman (English)
11th – 20th: Moulana Yahya Nomani (Urdu)
21st – 25th: Moulana Saleem Nawab (English)
26th: Moulana Imtiaz Devla (Urdu)
27th – 29/30th: Moulana Tayyab Talati (English/Urdu – After Asar)
Qari Irfan Khan (Urdu – After Esha)

All bayaans will be transmitted live via the masjid website, the Mixlr app and via the radio transmitter. The masjid frequency for receivers is 454.700MHz. Receivers can be purchased from the Masjid Office starting at £60.