Applications for the 24/25 academic year have now closed. It was open from 10th June to 12th July



Quwwatul Islam currently delivers a part time evening Ālimah course in English and Arabic for sisters. The courses are taught by qualified Ulamā and Ālimāt. This part time course is based on a classical curriculum and is designed to help beginners progress from an elementary stage to a very advanced level in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Taught in English with a detailed and progressive focus on Arabic, it comprises an in-depth study of the many disciplines of Islamic studies, including classical Arabic language with grammar and entomology, classical literature, Tafseer (exegesis) of the holy Qur´ān, theology Fiqh, and the detailed study of the sciences of Ḥadīth.

Course Outline and syllabus

Foundation Year: Qur’an, Tajweed, Hadith, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Arabic (foundational) and Spirituality.

Years 1–2: Arabic language, literature – Sarf & Nahw, introductions to Fiqh, introductions to Ḥadīth

Years 3-4: Qur´ān, Ḥadīth, Principles of Fiqh, Principles of Ḥadīth, Comparative Fiqh, Tafsīr

Years 5-6: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim, Jāmi’ at-Tirmidhī, Sunan Abū Dāwūd, Sunan ibn Mājah & Sunan an-Nasâ’ī

Dates and Timings

Timings for classes: 5:30– 8:30pm – Monday – Friday


Minimum entry age for the course is 14. No detailed knowledge of the Arabic language is necessary. However, students should at least be able to recognise and read the Arabic script of the Qurān, even if it be slowly or without comprehe



The course fee per annum is £700 for foundation year, year 1 and 2, and £750 for year 3 to year 6, which can be paid outright at the beginning of the year or in two instalments. Fees can be paid by cash, bank transfer, cheque or card


For further information please email us at [email protected] or call/message between 5pm to 8pm on 02084750126 or 07369213212