The Importance of the Madrasah

It is an indisputable fact that the Ummah is currently passing through a phase of Jaahiliyyah (ignorance). The global onslaught upon the Ummah is on many fronts. However, the most dangerous and unfortunately the most effective is the silent but alluring battle that is waged on the hearts and minds of our innocent children.

The battle is waged with smiling faces, alluring fashions, deceptive articles and even “exciting” toys which leave subtle messages in the hearts of children. Eventually, Muslim children with Muslim names but western hearts and minds grow up without any spirit of Islam in their lives. Apart from a few practices which they perform in a ritualistic manner, their lives centre on materialism and chasing “fun.”

The true purpose of our existence on this earth is then completely lost. Thus it is imperative that we recognise the harm of this battle that is being waged on the hearts and minds of the Ummah. Having recognised it, steps must be taken to safeguard ourselves and our children from the onslaught.

The Maktab has always played a pivotal role in developing the children of the Ummah. By and large it is at the Maktab that the child is equipped with all the basics of Deen, the fundamentals that enable him/her to live and practice as a true Mu’min (believer).

In many communities where no Maktab education was provided, children grew up without any knowledge of even the fundamentals of Islam. They could not fulfil any of the tenets of deen nor did they have the correct aqaaid (beliefs).

Every parent should regard it as his/her incumbent duty to find a suitable Madrasah for their child to attend daily. Parents should be firm on sending their children to learn the Quran as well as other basic tenets of Deen.

May Allah Ta’ala accept us, guide us, protect us and always be pleased with us. Aameen. 

Weekday Madrasah

Weekend Madrasah


Girls Hifz Class

At Quwwat-ul-Islam, we offer a structured syllabus designed to engage our students in a varied programme which they will find both stimulating and enjoyable.

Our teachers are qualified and skilled staff members who have created interactive classroom environments in which students are able to engage in discussions with their teachers and fellow students, learning and solidifying their understanding of Islam.  All Madrasah staff and those who come into contact with the students at Madrasah will have DBS and CRB checks.

Quwwat-ul-Islam Masjid currently provides Islamic education for both boys and girls, from the age of five. We provide teachings according to the syllabus summarised below.



  1. To teach the correct Aqeedah (Beliefs of a Muslim).
  2. To teach the recitation of the Qur’aan Shareef with tajweed .
  3. To practically teach the manner of wudhu, ghusal, salaah, and other important aspects of ibaadaat (worship).
  4. To teach and instil practically good Akhlaaq & Adaab (good manners and good character).
  5. To instil the love of Allah Ta’ala, Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam , and the Sunnah in the hearts of the students.
  6. To teach the Islamic History which includes the stories of Prophets and Nabi  Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam
  7. To teach on how to contend with and understand the current challenges facing the youth of the Muslim ummah